25 Articles to Learn & Take Action for your Next Erg Test

If you have a 2k erg coming up soon and are in need of information – this is the page to be on.

Whether you are a Beginner to Erging and Rowing (and learning as much as you can) or you have rowed at a High Level, you’ll find information that will help you right here.

2k Erg Test Strategy Plans

  1. The Most Important Article on ErgRowing.com – Crash Your 2k Erg Score Strategy
  2. Advanced Erg Test Strategies – Part 1
  3. Advanced Erg Test Stratgies – Part 2
  4. Learn How to Recover When You Have A Mid-2k Meltdown

2k Erg High Performance Tips and Tricks

  1. Get Ahead – Some Strategies To Help You Improve Your 2k Score
  2. Tapering For The Big Race For Performance
  3. Set Your Drag Factor – Some Advanced Tricks
  4. Carbo Loading For A High Performance (and sometimes easier) 2k
  5. How to Recover Faster From Hard Training And Racing

Erging Mental Strength

  1. Mental Toughness And 2k Erg Tests
  2. How to Mentally Prepare for a 2k Erg Test
  3. Personality Traits of Successful Rowers
  4. In the White Heat of The 2k  Battle – CRASH Bs

Training For a 2k Erg

  1. Exceptional Race Winning Rowing Workouts
  2. Vo2 Max Boosting Rowing Workouts
  3. Sprint Sessions to Lift Your Speed
  4. Why You Need to Learn to Sprint on the Erg

Technique & Equipment

  1. How to Pull the Erg Easier (and get the same split)
  2. Technique for Erging ONLY (this is not for rowers)
  3. Good Shoes Can Help Improve Your Power
  4. Oarsome Foursome v Romainian Women’s 8 – a Technique Analysis (for rowers and ergers)
  5. Learn How to Connect to the Flywheel – With a Good Catch
  6. Strapless Erging – Fixing Excessive Lay Back


  1. Making Race – Weight Safely (For Maximum Performance)
  2. Things You Must Do after Weigh-In