While it’s all well and good using the thousands of motivational techniques that you do on a day to day basis in racing and training. Please think of one thing…

What WORKS for you.

Be it:

• Rock solid 2k Erg Rowing Technique.
• Staying super smooth and relaxed when you are tired
• A strong middle 1000 meters race pace – sticking with your strategy.
• A hard start and strong finish to the line – playing to your strengths.
• Whatever esle (there are 1000’s…)

Above anything else – stick with it.

Use all of your mind power and will to hold yourself to the thing that you know works for you. Even if it’s just by the bare strength of a cobweb. Hold on and rely on it. You WILL get there.

Get Angry.

When you begin to start to feel sorry for yourself and begin to make compromises it’s time to get angry. When you are in the middle of that 2k and you are just about to entertain the thought of compromise –get angry.

Quit the bull, quit making the excuses about the hotel room, being awake all night, the rough flight or drive to Boston, not going well in training lately, whatever. Of course they are considerations, but remember that the greatest athletes of all time (including rowers) throughout history have performed no matter what.

Some have broken world records having woken up earlier that morning feeling absolutely tired, weak and crap. Some have become Olympic medal winners having admitted afterwards of wanting to stop mid race (I will find the article on this and post it).

Anger is a great lactic acid killer. It will clear your decks, focus your mind and will bring a hard reality to your rowing. This can work in your favor. But you must control it. Don’t go from a 1:45 to a 1:43 (you will blow up). HOLD what you are doing (hold your split), and use the anger to stop thinking about

  • Yourself
  • The guy beside you
  • The hotel manager
  • Your coach
  • The world
  • …Whoever or Whatever.

Use it to motivate you and help you POWER YOUR WAY THROUGH the danger point in the 2k race.
Go for it – let out an erg shattering and attacking primeval scream. Believe me it will work wonders for you.

Stick with your strategy

Sticking to your 2k erg test and race strategy is paramount. You should aim to stay with it because this is what you have prepared for.
But if you need to change in the middle of the 2k erg race, remember you can salvage a lot by thinking about what you can do to minimise your losses.

• You first goal should be to stick to your original 2k race plan.
• If it’s not working – get angry (see above).
• Assess your position. (if you still need to change)
• Follow the 2k erg test problem solver article and follow it home.
Finally Good Luck – All of my positive energy and good will is powered and directed towards you prospering and scoring well in Boston this weekend.